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You may just realize that running is cool and fun. It gives you the freedom to travel and break the miles. It is also a fun exercise. You might be able to go on because you only see the benefits of the running activities. But you may overlook the dark sides of running. The running injuries are the most hated thing in the running. That makes many people are deterred from the sport. The running injury is very important to consider. Here we are going to dissect the 5 worst types of running injuries and how to prevent them. First and the foremost is to buy the best running shoes for flat feet.

Stress Fractures

A stress fracture happens because of high impact. The leg bones are the parts which are affected. Heels are the most often part that you will feel. These are the result of the strain on the leg bone. To deal with it, you will need to draw back from running until you recover. RICE method is recommended to speed up the recovery. To prevent it, consider adding enough calories and nutrients to keep your calcium steady. Also, improve your bone density before doing the intense running.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains will likely to happen if you move around in different position. It is very common injury whether you are an intense runner or not. It can happen when you walk or run. The standard RICE will be just fine for alleviating the pain. To fix the ankle sprains, you will need to withdraw from running activities for a week. To prevent it, you will need to strengthen your ankle muscles. Don’t do rigorous activities at first. Instead, do it gradually.

Knee Injuries

The knee injury is also known as PFPS which is the abbreviation of PFPS. It is the worst and the most often injury happens to all runners. For most runners, there are around 40% chances that they experience this injury. The knee injury happens when the kneecap fails to move smoothly. You will feel the intense pain in the kneecap area during the run, or after the run. The pain will be more intense when you run through the downhill or stairs, or when you bend your knee. Runners who are overpronated also have the higher risk for it. To prevent it, you will need to do some fore exercises to strengthen your lower body muscles and make them more flexible. To fix the injury, you could ice the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.

Achilles tendon injury

As we know, the tendon will receive the pressure from the body weight and they need to absorb it. It is by far one of the most common injuries in all runners. It can happen because of the weak of the calf muscles, improper running shoes, or lack of rest of the muscles. Overweight folks have the higher risks of this injury. That’s why overweight folks are not recommended for intense running. To fix it, you will need to apply the ice to the injured area. To prevent it,  you will need to strengthen your calves parts and muscles. Also, choose the right shoes which are suitable for your pronation type.


ITBS or Iliotibial Band Syndrome is the injury in the thick tendon that runs from the pelvic bone to the knee. It happens when the IT band thickens. It happens to 12% of the all running injuries. It is the fourth most common injuries in the world of running. To treat it, you could learn about the RICE method. You will be also banned from heavy impact activities. To prevent it, you’ll need to strengthen your lower muscles first before running intensely.