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Once you have bought the desk and the hardware all, there is left to do is to make it as appealing as possible to the human eye. For this purpose, when placing hardware on the desk keep it symmetrical. You can achieve this by the following ways:

1: If you have one gaming monitor (mostly gamers prefer top 32 inch gaming tvs) and a processor place them on the ends of the table while keeping an equal distance from the ends.

2: If you have two monitors and they are of equal size keep them together but if they are of different size keep them apart.

3: The same symmetry goes for the speaker, if you have any if they are two and equal sizes you can place them on each side with equal distance from the ends.

All in all, when placing the hardware on the desk, remember to maintain the symmetry


Step 1- Keep it aligned to your seating position:

The most important part of setting up a gaming desk is to keep it aligned to your seating position. Your main monitor should be at your eye level for this, and you may have to adjust your seat to your desk and your height.  Another alignment you should do is to keep the direction of the speakers to the air. If not, it will ruin the sound quality, and you will not be able to enjoy the quality of your speakers. The final alignment you should keep in mind is to keep you processor close as it can be a hassle if you frequently have a crash in your PC.


Step 2- Increase your workspace:

While setting up a gaming desk, you will find that in regards of workspace more is always less. That is why to increase your workspace you can have drawers and shelves so that the top is clean and you are able to work freely on that. To make the desk more appealing, you can also add shelves where you can put your personal items so that it feels more homely.


Step 3-The personal touch to your workspace:

The previous step and the talk of adding a personal touch bring us to this step where we will be discussing the personal touch we all crave in our workspace. For this, explore your creativity and add something to your desk which screams you. A particularly good idea for doing this is the addition of lighting. You can add various sorts of lighting around your workspace according to your taste. Some of the lighting you will find on the market can also change color so that you can adjust it whatever you are watching or the mood you are in. Another idea would be to buy small figures or cushions which may interest you and add it to your workspace. All you have to do in this step is just being you while putting some effort in the decoration of your workspace.


Step 4- Make those cables invisible:

A very important step to setting up a gaming desk is to make the cables invisible. Firstly and foremostly the cables should be neatly arranged if they are not, the gaming desk would look like a mess and will cause a hinderance to your efficiency. Secondly, the cables should be invisible. The cables should not be left to be seen to a human eye. For this, desks designed specifically for this purpose are available, or you can build a desk which serves the purpose But if you are unable to do either of those under no circumstances the cables should be visible. Then, what can you do to avoid that? You can be creative with privacy boards and blinds hanging from the table to hide those cables. Making the cables ‘invisible’ you can have a setup which is not only, pleasing to the human eye, but also, increases your efficiency.

By following these easy steps, you can have clean, most efficient gaming desk to fulfill your needs which also be appealing to you.